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High-Pressure Drain Jetting

High-pressure drain jetting can clear blockages in drainage systems, flushing grease build-up and obstructions out of each pipe with high-pressure water.

How does High-Pressure Water Jetting Work?

High-pressure drain jetting fills a blocked drain with high-pressure water. The sheer force behind the water can clear debris from pipes, flushing the contents of the drain into the sewer.


The flexible high-pressure hose used in drain jetting can negotiate bends and remove blockages in almost all drains, allowing for each drain unblocking in any situation. The hoses are designed to handle high pressures and won’t break easily.


Most cases of drain jetting work by spraying high-pressure water jets into the drains. These jets fill the drains and break down or dislodge each blockage, clearing the drainage system.
High-Pressure Drain Jetting

Blocked Drain Clearing

High-pressure drain jetting can work on many stubborn blockages of different types. Many common blockage types are easy to unblock with a high-pressure jetting nozzle.

Drainage System Checks

Jetting can work for validation purposes. The equipment allows you to test a drain that seems to be blocked, pushing out anything inside and flushing it out of the system completely – and can even work on unexpected debris that you can’t identify.

General Debris

Jetting will clear drainage systems of day to day debris, giving you clean drains that work just as well as they should be. High-pressure water jetting can also remove tree roots from blocked drains, clearing them out quickly.

Awkward Corners

Drain rods and other similar tools can’t easily clean out complex pipes. Jetting solves this problem by using pressurised water that can easily curl around bends and loops.
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Getting Jetting Services

For drain jetting services, contact us directly to get help from local engineers.