About Us

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As a family run business, we’re proud of the personal oversight we have over all our projects. We believe it’s what sets us apart. Giving us an accountability and responsibility that far exceeds other contractors.

We’ve been making a difference for a while now. And we really know our stuff. If you’ve heard of us, you’ll know and if you haven’t then keep scrolling for some more info or just give us ring.


Our Culture

At W12 we believe the little things make a big difference. Turning up when we say we will, visiting sites at short notice and tidying up after ourselves. Not to mention expert workmanship at very competitive prices. In short, doing the job right. It’s what our customers expect, what they deserve – and it’s what we do best.

Our business at a glance

A big part of who we are is what we believe:
We believe in building trust

We strive to build relationships that benefit you and your business.

We believe in integrity

Our commitment is to be an honest partner you can rely on.

We believe in quality work

We take our time to understand your needs and expectations before we fulfill them to our highest level.

We believe in teamwork

Across all of our divisions, we work closely with our customers to ensure our promises are always kept.

We provide a 5-star professional service

We are well-known for our commitment to value, quality, and customer satisfaction which enables us to provide our clients with the best service in the business.
Whatever the drain. Whatever the blockage.

We'll unblock your drains fast with the W12 professionalism you know and trust.