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Bathroom Drain Unblocking Services

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Bathroom Drain Cleaning: Showers, Sinks, Bathtubs

Bathrooms in your home are likely to experience drain blockages, especially when you can’t prevent hair from flowing down the drain. It’s not a pleasant experience when you’re about to take a shower and water starts rising above your feet. Water sloshing around your feet can ruin your shower experience, even a blocked bathroom sink drain can make life difficult.

If you’re already dealing with a bathroom drain blockage or slow drain, give us a quick call and our experts would be happy to clear the clog and clean it. We’re available 24/7 to deliver emergency drain cleaning services.

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Bathroom Drain Unblocking Tools We Use

We follow a well-thought-out process when taking over a drain unblocking job. First of all, our experts carefully inspect the blocked drainpipe to determine the problem. We rely on highly advanced drain cleaning and unblocking equipment to make our services efficient and affordable. The use of the latest tool and draining technology enable us to fix all types of drain blockages with great speed and deliver the quality services our customers are looking for.

We also help our customers identify the underlying cause of a blocked drain so they can avoid the problem down the road. Each of our crew is well-equipped with a variety of tools and equipment so that they can perform their jobs without wasting any time. Here is what we usually use to remove stubborn bathroom blockages:

cctv survey
CCTV Drain Camera

In some cases, it becomes difficult to trace down a blockage with basic tools or techniques. This is where we video camera technology to inspect the drain and locate obstructions.

We understand that drainage systems and pipelines go through different problems over time. Most of the time, these problems go unnoticed because we can’t go inside a pipe and inspect its health. So, we use CCTV drain cameras to access underground areas to carry out effective diagnostics. This gives us a clear picture of the overall condition of your drains.

Not sure how CCTV technology works for drains? Simply put, we insert a water-proof camera located at the end of a cable inside a drain or pipeline. The camera displays live video or images on a monitor. Our experts thoroughly examine the footage to diagnose the issues. CCTV is probably the quickest way to pinpoint issues.

Drain Jetting
Hi-Pressure Jet Draining

Once the problem has been identified, the next step is to choose the appropriate technique to remove the blockage. We use high-pressure jet draining to remove complex, hard blockages. The jetting technology allows us to flush out the accumulation of objects out of the system quickly and comprehensively.

Besides clearing the blockage, jetting clears a drainage system of all the debris and tree roots that could cause more blockage-related issues in the future. High-pressure water cleans out complex pipes no matter the curl bends and loops. You can’t clear complex pipes with drain rods.

However, you can’t always use jetting to remove blockages. We don’t use this method when a drain isn’t strong enough to handle the pressure of a hydro jet. In such cases, we employ other drain cleaning solutions such as a drain snake. Besides, we don’t use harsh, chemical-based cleaning products as they can damage the drains, and we don’t recommend you to use them.

Pipe Inspection Camera
Electro-mechanical Sani snakes

This is also an effective method that we use to clean drains. We insert a flexible, rotating cable into a drain using an electric motor. It easily breaks and removes a blockage including hair deposits and debris from internal pipework. In situations where we can’t use hydro jetting, an electro-mechanical snake comes in handy.

Drain Rodding
Traditional rods

Some bathroom blockage jobs can be effectively done with traditional tools like rods. A technician connects together rod sections of the same strength and pushes them into the blocked drain. What tools we use depend largely on the nature of a blockage and pipework. We prioritize the safety of your drainage system while unblocking a drain.

Water bills and usage are kept as low as possible by installing low flush toilets, which reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet. However, we often see issues with low water pressure when using toilets of this type.

Why Choose Flow Drains For Bathroom Blockage Services

Your bathroom sink drain, bathtub drain or shower drain are sensitive components of your drainage system. You can’t let an inexperienced plumber or draining contractor damage the drains. So, make sure you hire the right draining service from an expert engineer for your home or business.

You can read our post on how to unblock a shower drain.

Flow Drains is one of the most reputable draining companies in Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Berkshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire. If you’re located in these areas, feel free to contact us to get fast and reliable bathroom blockage services. We provide a comprehensive range of drain cleaning services including unblocking, repair, and cleaning.

Here is why our customers choose us every time they face a drain blockage or need drain repair and maintenance services:

  1. Fast, 24/7 emergency services
  2. Trained and licensed professionals
  3. Eco-friendly services
  4. Highly experienced on-field technicians
  5. Realistic quotes
  6. Budget-friendly services

Bathroom Blockages FAQs

People often come up with some questions related to bathroom blockages. We decided to answer frequently asked ones:
How do you unblock a badly clogged toilet?
If you have a badly clogged toilet drain, you need to get professional assistance immediately. You can try some DIY ways of clearing minor blockages, but you need an expert to thoroughly inspect and remove a complex clog.
How do you unclog a toilet when a plunger doesn't work?
You need more advanced and professional tools like high-pressure jetting or electro-mechanic drain snake when a plunger or other traditional tools don’t work.
Why is my toilet blocking?
There could be multiple reasons why your toilet is blocked. Hair deposits are the common cause of toilet blockages. Small objects like toys and wrappers can also block the water flow. Be sure to use a high-quality drain strainer to prevent objects from flowing down the drain.
What is the best liquid to unclog a toilet?

Vinegar and a mix of water and baking soda are the best homemade cleaning solutions when it comes to blocked drains. Avoid using strong, commercially available toilet cleaners to keep your drainage system in good shape. Call a draining company if you’re unable to unclog your bathroom sink, bathtub or shower. You can sometimes break up the grease or soap scum in the drain by pouring boiling hot water down it.

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